Step UP Focus on Writing Launches Two Winthrop Elementary Students to the Big Leagues

08/26/2010 12:56
Dejon French and Manuela Medina, two students at the John Winthrop Elementary School in Dorchester, have major league talent when it comes to writing. The two classmates’ winning essays earned them $10,000 college scholarships from the Red Sox Foundation and a special visit to Fenway Park. French...

Science Across the City Video from BC

08/26/2010 12:48
Take a look at what students from the Winthrop and Russell elementary schools were up to when they visited Boston College as part of Science Across the City Day, a featured annual event of the Step UP initiative. View the video at

June Step UPdate Newsletter

06/21/2010 15:36
Read the June Step UPdate newsletter addressing student engagement and service learning here

Step UPdate Special: Science Across the City

05/11/2010 15:00
Read about the exciting Science Across the City events hosted by Step UP on May 3rd here.

Leadership Coaching Q&A: Past Experience and Big Picture Thinking

04/21/2010 13:42
An excerpt of this interview appeared in the April issue of the Step Update. The following is the full article. Coralie Kelly is leadership coach at the Trotter School in Dorchester, she supports Principal Mairead Nolan and Assistant Principal Romaine MIlls-Teque. Q: Coralie, how has your...

A Mural Of Many Colors Is One High School’s Lingua Franca

03/20/2010 14:20
    BOSTON — The new headmaster of The English High School had big plans for an academic turnaround. He also wanted to brighten the place up. So he invited the public muralist for the city of Boston — and got more than he expected. People who have never been to English High think of it...

Turnaround Schools

03/05/2010 09:18
  On March 4, 2010, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released its list of “Level 4” Schools, which are schools that have been designated by the state as significantly underperforming over several years.  Twelve Boston Public Schools are among the...

Winthrop Elementary Hosts Community Partners Dinner March 16, 2010

03/04/2010 12:19
The John Winthrop Elementary School and the Nelson Chair Community Roundtable at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education will host a Community Partners Dinner on Tuesday, March 16, at 6 p.m. at the Dorchester school. The dinner will recognize partners who have helped the Winthrop integrate...

February Step UPdate Newsletter

03/02/2010 10:42
The Step UPdate is a bi-monthly newsletter expanding communication within the Step UP community. Read the latest edition of the Step UPdate here.  

Off the streets at last, on a fast break for hope

02/21/2010 15:00
As dusk fell one evening last May, Alex DoSouto was walking alone down a grim Dorchester street, headed toward home, which meant headed toward trouble. Then he heard a sound he knew only too well. From a passing car, two assailants with semiautomatic weapons opened fire. One round ripped into...
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